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Youth Sports Round Up

As a parent and coach that lives and breathes youth sports I read dozens of articles and blog posts everyday.  I have included my favorites from over the past week or so.  If you're a coach once you're done reading be sure to set up your team in iSport360 by clicking here.  It's completely free!

Kids Sports: How often should a young athlete practice?

I am regularly asked by coaches and parents about how often per week a young athlete should train or practice.  The best guidelines that I have seen, and what I base my program on, come from the ATFCA (Australian Track and Field Coaches Association). The ATFCA recommends the following for athlete development..

5 Steps to Creating Successful Common Core Scales for Student Learning

Great piece on the principals as followed when designing the iSport360 Make the connection between the Marzano Taxonomy and Common Core State Standards for the most effective assessments of student learning

Don't Live Vicariously Through Your Child

The Positive Coaching Alliance does a ton of great work and this video is no exception.  When your kids hit the field on game day remember that it’s a game, its not your game, and their performance, good or bad, doesn’t mean you ever could, or ever would perform in the same manner

Three Reasons Why Youth Sports Is BOOMING!

The family investment into the youth sports lifestyle culture of league, camps, elite programs, special equipment, private coaching, travel and the influx of massive new sports complexes are all feeding into this multi billion dollar Family "SportCation" Business.

By: Ian Goldberg

Found_Ian_PicIan Goldberg is the Founder and CEO of iSport360, a new SportsTech venture bringing objective goals and fair assessments to the parents, coaches and players in the chaotic world of youth sports.


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