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Steph Curry Demonstrating The Games We Are Learning To Play at Home

Ian Goldberg is a sports dad, coach and the Founder of iSport360.  His SportsTech company is helping over  100,000 youth sport coaches, parents and kids set goals, share player feedback, instructional videos, practice assignments and sticker rewards….all to foster healthy team communication and culture. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, iSport360 is offering it’s platform for free all season to keep every team strong and connected.

Some bizarre long term benefits are going to arise from this COVID-19 crisis and the pause in youth sports. Once we get past the fear and uncertainty, we are going to recognize the cultural change that is taking place among young athletes and their families.

  • Kids are finding creative ways to get their family active
  • Structured practice environments have given way to free play
  • Kids are taking the initiative to practice skills on their own time
  • Teammates and coaches are using technology to stay connected

Thanks to Bleacher Report for this amazing video showing how the world (and several celebrities) have brought free play into their own homes.


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