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Keeping iSport360 Compliant With Child Privacy Laws And The SafeSport Act

iSport360 was recently approached by one of the biggest youth sports organizations in the US and asked, “How do you let kids set up their own accounts while staying compliant with US Child Privacy regulations?”.  The answer is:  Every new iSport360 feature for kids was meticulously thought through to comply with every US law, to the word.  And so, every coach, parent and club organizer should know that iSport360 has taken the following steps to be compliant:

1.To comply with COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998), iSport360 requires parents to give consent to having their child set up an iSport360 account. Additionally, no child is asked to provide any personal information. Worth mentioning here, that we have never and will never sell any personal data that we collect.

2. To comply with SafeSport (the SafeSport Act of 2017), which defines abuse, harassment, bullying and hazing, iSport360 ensures that parents and coaches are able to see every communication that their players participate in on iSport360.  This transparency provides teams with a safe and social platform for team communication.

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