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In Response to COVID-19: This Panel of Youth Sports Experts Is Here For You

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting us in so many ways.  But I was thrilled to by invited to join a group of industry leaders who are helping athletes, coaches and sports parents navigate these uncharted waters.  Below is a bit more about this free resource and the experts that are available to help you.

By Dr. Bob Weil, Radio Host, Doctor and Author of #HeySportsParents

Hey Sports Parents, Athletes & Coaches- I’m Dr. Bob Weil, sports Podiatrist and host of “The Sports Doctor”.  I’m excited that Ian Goldberg and iSport360 are key members of my team for my new online program “Hey Sports Parents- The Sports Doctor’s In”. He joins almost two dozen (and growing), professionals and experts-(teammates), in ALL areas of youth sports experience, safety & performance. The prevention and treatment of injuries, physical & mental training, concussion and emergency preparedness, nutrition, parenting, and coaching, are some examples. Heads of Great organizations like iSport360, National Alliance of Youth Sports, (NAYS), UK’s Working with Parents in Sport (WWPIS), and TeamSafe Sports are included! These groups influence & educate millions! I’m proud that all teammates have been radio guests over the years! It’s been quite an education and I’m excited about sharing it with you.

The Team:

Kirk Mango, Author:  Becoming A True Champion

Kate Davis, Sports Dietitian Nutritionist and owner, RDKate Sports Nutrition

Mike Andrews, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Restore-Fit

Ian Goldberg, Youth Sports Thought Leader and Youth SportsTech CEO at iSport360

Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult and Child Psychiatrist and Author

Natalie Graves, Mental Health expert for athletes at Natalie Graves Athletic Counseling

Dr. Steven Horwitz, 1996 Olympic Team medical staff and CEO of TeamSafe Sports

Gordon MacLelland, Sports Parenting Thought Leader and CEO of Working With Parents in Sport (WWPIS)

Sheila Thelen, Award winning figure skating coach and President at Vestibular Training Services

Kim Ryan, figure skating coach to olympians and owner of Spinergy training

John Harmata, Master Figure Skate Technician and award winning author

John Engh, Executive Director of National Alliance for Youth Sports

Suzanne Gray, Owner of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness

Mike McAleese, Owner of Sohmar School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology

Robert Andrews, Mental training expert to Olympic and elite athletes and Founder of the Institute for Sports Performance

Jill Lane, Health at Nutrition Coach and Founder of Fueling Champions

Dr. Karen Sutton, Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery and Team Dr. For USA Women’s Lacrosse

Rich Dubin, Publisher MVP Parent Magazine

Michael Kline, President at MBK Financial Services

Gina Pongetti, Physical Therapist for USA Gymnastics and Owner of MedGym and Achieve PT

Youth sports are a $20 billion dollar business filled with challenges in so many areas. Reality is STILL there is an EPIDEMIC of overuse injuries both physically and mentally. Lots of pressure from and on parents, coaches and young athletes themselves. We’re all too familiar with over zealous parents, coaches and sports clubs. OVERKILL is rampant!My goal and role in “Hey Sports Parents-The Sports Doctor’s In” is to act as The Dr. QB- Initially consulting with parents, coaches & athletes to develop a plan, regardless of age or level, answer questions and reference and refer to various team members for instituting and following up on whatever challenges, plans & goals we all have. Please go to www.thesportsdoctor.online for details and a free consult…STAY SAFE..Dr. Bob

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