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Aspiring Sports Journalist Meets the Gatorade NJ Softball Player of the Year


5 Reasons it is ok to Miss Your Child's Game

Over the years my heart has dropped more than once when a professional athlete has applauded their mother for never missing ONE of their games.  It would make me panic picturing my son all alone on the bench, wallowing in sorrow because his working mom was so busy interviewing someone else’s kid that she couldn’t ... Read more

How to be a Good Sports Parent

Being a good sports parent is like being a good school parent. To make sure your kids get the most out of their participation, you need to participate, too. Being involved, in a positive way, means you provide encouragement, support, and practical help. If you can, you volunteer and you back up the coach‘s decisions and lessons and ... Read more

Saving Our Kids From The Comparison Trap

While this post is from 2018, the content is still very relevant for 2021. Our friend in the UK Gordon MacLelland shares insight on parents’ sideline behavior. His organization Working With Parents in Sport (WWPIS) is a UK based company helping parents give their child the best possible sporting experience. To learn more click here. ... Read more

Top 11 Best Sports Movies for Kids

Yes, we couldn’t decide on 10 so we made a Top 11 Best Sports Movies for Kids. This is our top 11 best sports movies for kids from your friends at iSport360. We started from a list of 40 movies that from the organization, I Love to Watch You Play and narrowed down the list ... Read more

Top 5 Sideline Parents - Which one is you?

We have all been there before. Maybe you got a bit excited about your kids soccer game. You enthusiastically were cheering or maybe it was more like yelling, just a bit too much. We have all done it, got caught up in the moment of supporting your kid playing soccer at age 8. So for ... Read more

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Report: Youth Sports and Club Switching

We asked thousands of our subscribers a basic question. Why do youth sports athletes leave their travel club or sports program? Why is there club switching? Based on the Aspen Institute – Project Play and research out of the Michigan Youth Sport Institute on participation motivation and attrition, kids quit playing sports by age 11 ... Read more

Kids: Speak For Yourself

Kids: Speak For Yourself — Self-Sufficient Kids in youth sports. This morning driving into the office, I heard a great interview on the radio. Mike & Mike were interviewing Ernie Johnson the TNT Icon Sportscaster. He spoke about a story that happened to him when he was 8 years old playing Little League. In the story, a ball ... Read more

Summer Youth Sports Tournament Travel Tips

What are some of the items that you like to pack and bring to summer youth sports tournaments? We are excited to get back to traveling for summer sports. From players to parents to coaches, it is great to get everyone back playing, watching and coaching the sports we love. We also know that there ... Read more

A History of Youth Sports in the US

From “Special Report:  Coronavirus puts youth sports on pause”, published by AXIOS, May 11, 2020 Thanks to Axios for giving us some background on the history of youth sports in the US.  Well now it is a year later after the Covid shutdown and we all wonder what youth sports will look like in the future. Especially when ... Read more

Sports Moms United Announces iSport360 as its Exclusive Player Development Platform

Giving parents, coaches, clubs and players the tools they need for success.  Today, Sports Moms United announces its exclusive partnership with iSport360 to offer coaches and players the tools they need to be successful.  Whether teams are training in person or virtually, the iSport360 platform will give Sports Moms United participants a consistent, player-first experience ... Read more

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