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Teen Nutrition for Fall Sports


Dad, It Doesn't Help - Youth Sports Parenting

Youth sports parenting, we all try to do the right thing and help our athletes. During the 2014 season, I asked my then 11-year-old son: “What do all the children in the dugout think when their parents urge them on with ‘instructions’ and ‘encouragement’ as they are playing the game?” He said bluntly, “they don’t ... Read more

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Tips on How to Avoid Practice Tension

The tension developed before a dentist appointment or job interview seems mild compared to the stress formed by many coaches before a youth practice session.  Coaches can avoid practice tension by by reducing the emotional crisis and ease their teaching task considerably by addressing the following: YOUR PLAYERS ARE CHILDREN The dictionary says, “Children are ... Read more

Survey Results - Youth Sports Tech Report

There are many youth sports tech program management apps out in the marketplace. So many of them, in fact, that as a sports organizer or club owner, it’s difficult to know where to start. There are apps for registration, scheduling, player evals, communication, and tournament info. We know that you need sports apps to help ... Read more

Fueling Tips for Early Morning Exercisers

Many athletes train in the early morning. Rowers commonly meet at 5:30 a.m. Hockey players might get rink-time at 5:00 a.m. Athletes who need to be at work at 7:00 often train at 4:30 a.m. Many of these athletes report eating nothing before their training session. My stomach isn’t awake. … It’s too early to ... Read more

Youth sports referees are quitting in droves

The sports referee shortage is being attributed to a toxic combination of abuse from coaches and parents, low salaries, and COVID-19. The pandemic, low pay, and abuse has triggered an exodus of referees from youth sports.  The loss of hundreds of referees each season could lead to game cancellations and delays. Inexperienced referees charged with ... Read more

3 Tips for Getting Faster

Speed is by far one of the most advantageous qualities that an athlete can possess. The potential for getting faster and the success that comes with it, increases in nearly every sport the faster an athlete can move from one point to the next.  Stretching Do you know what the fastest sprinters in the world ... Read more

5 Things I Learned About Youth Sports from Cobra Kai

Well I did it, I finished all episodes of Cobra Kai this week. It was stressful, annoying and I would literally talk back to the TV when someone did something wrong. My frustration was directed towards the adults – Danny and Johnny. Since they both turned athlete to coach, it got me thinking about all ... Read more

Nutrition: What Young Athletes Should Eat Before and After the Game

For young athletes, planning is key to eating the right nutritious foods at the right times, said University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital pediatric gastroenterologist Timothy A. S. Sentongo, MD. While younger kids who compete in shorter games might not need to pay as much attention to their game-time nutrition, older kids who are ... Read more

Sports Parenting Tips Inspired by Simone Biles

As we begin gearing back up for school and our kids’ sports activities, Simone Biles’ courageous decision to prioritize her mental wellbeing over greater recognition, opens up new, healthier ways for us to support our young athletes.   Simone showed parents and kids alike that even an Olympic four-time gold medal winner can experience performance anxiety. ... Read more

iSport360’s Virtual Locker Room® creates a positive culture

Imagine that your team is in a group chat. Something is said, someone is left out, and the team culture starts to crumble. What if there was a solution, and that solution was SafeSport compliant, easy to use, and cost less than a latte per player? Well we have that: 4,000 teams use it and we ... Read more

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